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Re: Editorial changes in Section 2.5

From: Pat Hayes <phayes@ihmc.us>
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 16:18:57 -0600
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To: jos.deroo@agfa.com
Cc: RDF Data Access Working Group <public-rdf-dawg@w3.org>

>[...large snip]
>>>>I did not misread the definition: I suggest that y'all read through
>>>>the above carefully, and think about it.
>>>We did it carefully. It is easy to see that the latest
>>>characterisation is correct, see above.
>Well, I can't really add very much here, but in the past I
>did some RDF and OWL entailment test cases and for the
>current test cases that I tested it is clearly the case that
>G simple-entails (G' union S(BGP'))

Right, no argument. My point was however that it may not entail (G' 
union S(BGP)). I wouldnt be surprised if it did this in all the test 
cases we have so far, but theres a case in my message where it 

>and can only speak from my own implementation experience
>that I really always rename the bnodes to get G' and BGP'
>so that there can never be a bnode label clash in the
>graphs and graph patterns that the reasoner is using.

I agree that in practice it is quite clear what to do. All we are 
arguing about is how to phrase the definitions so that <what to do> 
will indeed be clear and unambiguous. The intention of having all 
this priming in the definitions is to ensure that *however* you 
choose the bnodes, things will still work out correctly, so that a 
hypothetical anti-josderoo demon couldn't possibly implement it wrong 
even if they tried.


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