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ACTION: Farrukh, write up ebXML registry UC

Below is a first draft of a proposed ebXML Registry use case. I am sending it in HTML format for easier integration into document. Let me know if this is inconvenient to anyone and I will resend.

n.m Searching and Browsing an Ontology Repository

Peter is developing a medical knowledge base using OWL/RDF in collaboration with medical domain experts all over the world. The knowledge base is used within electronic patient records. To facilitate collaboration and avoid duplication the team is using a federated ebXML Registry to store the knowledge base they are building. When adding a new concept to the knowledge base Peter uses a Registry Browser application to search the ebXML Registry for similar or related concepts. The Registry Browser allows Peter to choose a parameterized query from a set of  pre-configured parameterized queries and offers a form that Peter uses to enter the query parameters. Peter enters a few parameters and issues the query. The ebXML Registry returns a large number of matching results. Peter, narrows his search by re-issuing the query with additional parameters until he find concepts that are most relevant to his concept. Peter now drills down and browses these concepts, their related concepts and meta data to determine whether to add his new Concept or not.

Motivates: RDF Graph Pattern Matching, Variable Binding Results. Iterative Queries