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query language abstract -- DRAFT

From: Kendall Clark <kendall@monkeyfist.com>
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 10:30:40 -0400
To: public-rdf-dawg@w3.org
Message-ID: <20040928143040.GA13956@monkeyfist.com>

I have an ACTION KendallC: work on an abstract for the spec:

   RDF is a flexible, extensible way to represent information about
   World Wide Web resources. It is used to represent, among other
   things, personal information, social networks, metadata about
   digital artifacts like music and images, as well as provide a means
   of integration over disparate sources of information. A
   standardized query language for RDF data with multiple
   implementations offers developers and end users to write and to
   consume the results of queries across this wide range of
   information. This document describes a query language for RDF,
   called XXX, for querying RDF data.

Hope this helps the editors.

Kendall Clark
Received on Tuesday, 28 September 2004 14:33:05 UTC

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