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Re: Real-world use case for 3.10(a)

From: Kendall Clark <kendall@monkeyfist.com>
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 21:17:02 -0400
To: public-rdf-dawg@w3.org
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Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 21:16:04 -0400
From: Kendall Clark <kendall@monkeyfist.com>
To: Chris Wilper <cwilper@cs.cornell.edu>
Subject: Re: Real-world use case for 3.10(a)

On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 01:25:27PM -0400, Chris Wilper wrote:
> Hi,
> Looking at the Requirements/Use Cases document, I noticed that 3.10 and 3.10a
> had "Pending" status.  We[1] plan on using an rdf triplestore to back a large
> metadata repository, exposed to other systems via the OAI-PMH[2].  While not
> being too domain and protocol-specific here, I'll describe our case:
> We have a large collection of metadata in a triplestore that we want to
> make available to people through a set of queries.  Someone typically asks,
> "Give me the metadata that has changed since last week and is in XYZ
> collection", or simply, "Give me all the metadata".
> It is a requirement for us that the responses can come in chunks: XML is 
> sent over the wire, and rather than require all of our clients (and our
> server) 
> to be able to handle arbitrarily large chunks of xml in one stream, our
> server 
> can be configured to give only, say 1,000 responses, along with a 
> "resumption token" that can be used for subsequent requests.
> Without the ability to specify LIMITS/OFFSETS with the triplestore query, we
> would 
> need to stream everything to disk and manage much more state within our
> application.
> [1] http://www.fedora.info/ and http://www.nsdl.org/
> [2] OAI-PMH is a protocol for exposing xml metadata in a repository.
>     See http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/openarchivesprotocol.html


Thanks for the comments and the use case. The Working Group will
consider them in due course.

Kendall Clark
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