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SQI: Related Work to SPARQL Protocol

From: Bernd Simon <bernd.simon@wu-wien.ac.at>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 16:10:32 +0200
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Cc: Erik Duval <Erik.Duval@cs.kuleuven.ac.be>, Stefaan Ternier <stefaan.ternier@cs.kuleuven.ac.be>, Daniel Olmedilla <olmedilla@l3s.de>, "zoltan.miklos@wu-wien.ac.at" <zoltan.miklos@wu-wien.ac.at>, Frans Van Assche <frans.van.assche@eun.org>, David Massart <david.massart@eun.org>, massimo@w3.org, "stefan.sobernig-wu-wien.ac.at" <stefan.sobernig@wu-wien.ac.at>


Throughout the last 2 years a group of 20+ researchers have been 
investigating the issue of query protocols in the context of the R&D 
projects ELENA, ProLearn, Ariadne, ICLASS, .... As a result of that work 
the Simple Query Interface was designed as a query-language neutral 
interface for exchanging queries.

The interface is currently in the process of being standardized by the 
CEN/ISSS and talks with IEEE LTSC on fast tracking SQI have been initiated.

The presentation to this paper is available at and should give you a very 
quick intro is available at:

You can learn more about the rational behind the design from the following 
Simon, B., Massart, D., van Assche, F., Ternier, S., Duval, E., Brantner, 
S., et al. (2005). A Simple Query Interface for Interoperable Learning 
Repositories. In D. Olmdeilla, N. Saito & B. Simon (Eds.), Proceedings of 
the 1st International Workshop on Interoperability of Web-based Educational 
Systems. Chiba, Japan.


A lot of SQI resources (specs, WSDL bindings, sample code, case studies 
with operational prototypes, ..) are available via 

I have not investigated the SPARQL protocol a lot, yet, but the first 
thought that came up to my mind was, why SPARQL would need its own protocol 
and why the query API issue is not covered at a more general level at W3C?

Best regards,


PS: I will attend the Semantic Web Foundations Session at the WWW 
Conference (tomorrow Friday, 1.30 pm), in case somebody wants to discuss 
face to face.

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