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Re: SPARQL itself represented in RDF instead of DML

From: Dan Connolly <connolly@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 09:42:34 -0500
To: public-rdf-dawg-comments@w3.org
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Apologies for the delay in responding to your comment of 23 Apr 2005

> I have seen the examples in the SPARQL working draft published April
the 19th, 2005.
> I can see that the syntax looks like DML statements.

Yes, that is our approach to objective 4.1 Human-friendly Syntax

The character-based syntax also supports objective 
4.10 Addressable Query Results

> Is the group considering representing
> SPARQL itself in XML or even RDF? If the conversion to DML statements is important, I'm sure
> there could be a simple XSLT conversion SPARQL in some sort of database plug-in or
> adapter, sparing SPARQL engines from parsing yet another DML flavour.

We have an open issue regarding representing the abstract syntax
of SPARQL in XML Schema...

Please stay tuned to see how it turns out.

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