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Re: Namespaces

From: Kal Ahmed <kal@techquila.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 10:14:17 +0000
Message-Id: <EB37042B-4901-11D9-A2A3-000D933B2E7E@techquila.com>
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To: "Phil Archer" <phil.archer@icra.org>

I think that there are probably three separate things each of which 
should ideally have its own namespace:

1) The RDF rules mechanism for assigning properties to resources using 
rule-based resource selection
2) The generic content labelling vocabulary (not ICRA-specific)
3) ICRA-specific content label vocabulary

At the moment (1) and (2) are conflated in the same namespace. (3) is 
currently in a separate namespace.

Sorry Phil, you asked if we could get rid of one and I just added one 
;-) - but I think it is probably a clean and logical distinction to 

So in namespace (1) we would have:
   value  ?
   beginsWith  ?
   endsWith  ?
   contains  ?

In namespace (2) :

In namespace (3) :
   nx, lx etc. (ICRA Categories)
   na, nb etc. (ICRA Descriptors)
   r, s etc, (ICRA Context Modifiers)
   fa, fb etc. (ICRA Frequency Modifiers)



On 7 Dec 2004, at 16:28, Phil Archer wrote:

> Just a quick comment on namespaces.
> We need to be clear about the difference between "a label" and a 
> particular label such as an ICRA label.
> Kal has suggested 2 namespaces in the ruleset work, rule and uri. 
> These are both very generic and should ideally be on the w3.org 
> domain. Is this possible do you think Dan? If not, I'll set up a purl 
> or two (and actually host it on icra.org but that won't be obvious).
> Do we need two Kal? If we take your proposal and _just_ have 'matches' 
> (dispensing with beginsWith, endsWith, contains and hasURL) then that 
> just leaves a single thing for the uri namespace? Perhaps it can be 
> included in rule or am I mixing too much up here?
> The namespace for the specifically ICRA bit will be
> http://www.icra.org/labelsv03/rdfs/#
> Note the word labels, not ratings as we have used previously. 
> (Politics gets everywhere. A label is meant to be objective, a rating 
> is a subjective interpretation of the objective facts).
> Phil.
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