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[Bug 29586] [XP31] The judgement subtype-itemtype(Ai, Bi)

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Date: Thu, 26 May 2016 08:46:26 +0000
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--- Comment #17 from John Snelson <john.snelson@marklogic.com> ---
(In reply to Tim Mills from comment #16)
> In " Map Test", replace the text
> "The function signature of the map, ... the required return type."
> with
> "The function signature of a map matching type map(K, V), treated as a
> function, is function(xs:anyAtomicType) as V?.  It is thus always a subtype
> of function(xs:anyAtomicType) as item()* regardless of the actual types of
> the keys and values in the map.

I think this text is unclear what to do in the case where no static typing
information is available. We need that case to be the default, and for the text
to allow a better type (a subtype of map(K,V)).

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