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[Bug 29555] [FO31] The Width Modifier

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Date: Tue, 03 May 2016 10:30:37 +0000
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--- Comment #10 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
ACTION A-641-02 (bug 29555) MK to propose a precise algorithm for computing min
and max width of a format-date component; also define an error when min>max. 

I propose the following rules, which apply when

(a) the component in question is an ordinary integer-valued component
(specifically, one of MDdFWwHhms), and

(b) the first presentation modifier takes the form of a decimal digit pattern

1. If there is no width modifier, then the value is formatted according to the
rules of the format-integer function.

2. If there is a width modifier, then the first presentation modifier is
adjusted as follows:

2.a The number of mandatory-digit-sign characters in the presentation modifier
is increased if necessary. This is done first by replacing optional-digit-signs
with mandatory-digit-signs, starting from the right, and then prepending
mandatory-digit-signs to the presentation modifier, until the number of
mandatory-digit-signs is equal to the minimum width. Any mandatory-digit-signs
that are added by this process must use the same decimal digit family as
existing mandatory-digit-signs in the presentation modifier if there are any,
or ASCII digits otherwise.

2.b The maximum width, if specified, is ignored.

The rules for the Year component (Y) are the same except that the year as
output is the value of the year component of the supplied value modulo ten to
the power N where N is determined as follows:

(i) if the width modifier is present and includes a maximum width, then that
maximum width

(ii) otherwise, if the first presentation modifier takes the form of a
decimal-digit-pattern, then the number of optional-digit-signs and
mandatory-digit-signs in that decimal-digit-pattern.

Finally: we add a rule that if there is a width modifier that specifies both a
minumum and maximum width, then FOFD1340 is reported if the minimum is greater
than the maximum.

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