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[Bug 29150] [XSLT30] Editorialities / typos

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Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
A small list of some (ir)relevant nitpicks:

1) In section 12, first Note, first para, it ends with: the format-numberFO30
function may be more suitable: see Section 4.7.2 fn:format-number FO30.

* Fixed. Also in the immediately following para of the note, corrected
"format-number" to "format-integer".

2) 18.1.2 Streamability examples, we write:

4. The argument to count is a RelativePathExpr that takes the form of a
motionless pattern[...]

We don't have the "if an expression can be rewritten as a motionless pattern"
rule anymore. We now have rules on Axis Steps and Path Expressions. It is still
streamable, but for other reasons.

* I propose to replace

(4). The argument to count is a RelativePathExpr that takes the form of a
motionless pattern and appears in an inspection context (the argument to
count()); the sweep of the RelativePathExpr and therefore of the entire body of
the xsl:stream instruction is therefore consuming.


(4). The argument to count is a RelativePathExpr. Under the rules in
_Streamability of Path Expressions_, this expression is striding and consuming,
which makes the call to count grounded and consuming.
(5). Therefore the entire body of the xsl:stream instruction is grounded and

3) In section 21 Maps, we write: TODO: replace the error codes defined in this
section by the error codes used in XPath 3.1.

* Deleted the TODO.

4) In section Abstract, we write: TODO: describe the relationship to XPath 3.1
and related specs. I think this was done meanwhile, I see the relevant

* The Abstract itself still needs updating to reflect these changes. I've now
made these changes.

5) In section L Changes Since LCWD. Under first item, also a "TODO": "TODO: add
the streamability rules for new expressions and functions", but I think this
one is still open (I scanned for fn:transform, but didn't find it).

* This is covered adequately by bug #28937.

6) In section B.1 Schema for the XML Representation of JSON, we write:

    <xs:simpleType name="numberType">
        <xs:restriction base="xs:double">
            <!-- exclude positive and negative infinity, and NaN -->
            <xs:minExclusive value="-INF"/>
            <xs:maxExclusive value="INF"/>

In the comment we say we exclude NaN, but we don't do so in the schema. Was
this intended to be excluded?

* We include NaN implicitly. NaN < INF is false, so specifying a maxExclusive
of INF automatically excludes NaN.

7) In section 2.3.3 Apply-Templates Invocation, we write: "The initial match
selection. An API that chooses to maintain compatibility ... and the document
node of the containing document acts as the global context item." However, a
singleton node does not need to be rooted at a document node. Should we be a
bit more precise here (even though it is merely a suggestion to implementors)?

* Yes, should replace "the document node of the containing document" with "the
root node of the containing tree". Fixed.

8) In section 24.1 Creating Final Result Trees, we write in the fourth bullet:
The corresponding serialization parameter is not set (is "absent"). it is not
possible [...] typo: it --> It

* I think the reference is to 25.1 "Creating Secondary Results", and the
relevant text has already been corrected in the current draft.

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