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[Bug 28885] Minor editorial issues

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Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 16:27:17 +0000
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--- Comment #2 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
1. eg:index-of-node - the first XQuery implementation has the order of the
arguments to fn:filter reversed.


2. eg:index-of-node - the XSLT and first XQuery implementations have the order
of the arguments to fn:for-each-pair reversed.


3. eg:distinct-nodes-stable - the XQuery implementation doesn't prefix the
function name with eg:


4. eg:distinct-nodes-stable - both implementations have an unresolved reference
to $seq.  Should be $arg.


5. eg:distinct-nodes-stable - both implementations have the order of the
arguments to fn:fold-left reversed.


6. eg:lowest - the XQuery implementation has eg:highest as the function name
instead of eg:lowest

DONE. Also in these functions the arguments to fold-left were in the old order.
And for consistency I changed eg:highest and eg:lowest to take the sequence as
the first argument and the function as the second.

7. The Rules for op:subtract-dayTimeDuration-from-time mention the function
add-dayTimeDuration-to-time but it is not a link - maybe because it is not
prefixed with fn:?

Should be prefixed with op:. DONE.

8. The examples of fn:replace don't use the fn: prefix, which is inconsistent
with the examples of other functions.


9. The collection function summary says "indentified" instead of "identified".


10. The signature of map:for-each is:

map:for-each(    $input    as map(*),
$action    as function($key as xs:anyAtomicType, $value as item()*)) as item()*

"$key as" and "$value as" should be removed, as in:

map:for-each(    $input    as map(*),
$action    as function(xs:anyAtomicType, item()*)) as item()*

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