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[Bug 27615] [XSLT30] Should decimal-format reference CLDR? [I18N-ISSUE-394]

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Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
The Working Group reviewed whether are are specific formatting capabilities in
CLDR that we would wish to add to format-number().

We discussed currency formatting. The general view was that if we provide
anything in this area, it should be separate from format-number. Some WG
members felt that existing practice, where it is done with user-defined
functions, was an entirely adequate solution; certainly we do not recall users
asking for facilities in this area.

The WG felt that rounding is best handled separately from formatting. Although
we do not provide all conceivable rounding algorithms in the function library,
it is not difficult for users or third parties to implement additional
functions in this area.

We noted one small omission in the new facilities for exponential formatting;
we don't allow the exponent to have a plus sign. The main purpose of
exponential formatting is to generate numbers in formats required by other
software specifications, and we are not aware of any that make a plus sign
mandatory, so we doubt this will be a problem. Remedying the omission at the
current development stage is a little tricky because we would need to add a
"plus sign" to the list of decimal format properties, and reclassify the "minus
sign" so it can appear in a picture; this would further confuse the issue
whereby separate pictures are used for negative and positive numbers.

We could consider, in a future release, the possibility of "importing" a
decimal format from locale data rather than defining it in fine detail in the
stylesheet. This isn't straightforward because of the interaction between
characters used in the picture and characters used in the formatted output.
(The picture, for example, must use the same digit family as the formatted

I'm closing this on behalf of the WG with the disposition "later", meaning that
we will come back to it if we ever start work on a future version of the
language. XSL WG hopes that this disposition is acceptable to I18N, and if so,
requests that you close the bug.

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