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[Bug 27498] [ser 3.1]Unfailing serialization

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--- Comment #7 from C. M. Sperberg-McQueen <cmsmcq@blackmesatech.com> ---
If we adopt round-trippability as a requirement (as implicitly suggested at
least for arrays and maps in comment 5 and endorsed in comment 6), does the
requirement also apply to XML data?

One story that would be simple to tell would be:  serialize it using a new
serialization method, and then you will be able to reconstitute an isomorphic
collection of XDM data from the serialization.  We seem to be missing a couple
of things here:

1 a way to annotate XML nodes with type information that can be reliably
reconstituted (as long as all the appropriate in-scope schema information is
available) -- remember that revalidating with the in-scope schema starting at
the root of each maximal XDM tree is not guaranteed to produce the same

2 a way to read the serialized data and re-type everything the same way.

It's not clear at first glance how best to add the type annotations required
for reliable write + read round tripping for either JSON or XML, without
getting in the way of non-XDM systems.

And it would be nice to be able to serialize the entire collection of data
without loss; but that involves being able to handle parentless attributes and
functions (and possibly other things I'm forgetting at the moment).  Or is
there a plausible subset of XDM for which reliable write + read round-tripping
can be easily defined and which will suffice for all imaginable purposes?  all
rational imaginable purposes?  all rational purposes that don't involve
meta-programming or other unusual or unnatural acts?  most rational purposes? 
many purposes?  

I thank Hans-J├╝rgen Rennau for pointing to some earlier discussions that have
not been raised as bugs or enhancement requests in Bugzilla; I'll have to
refresh my memory to see if solutions have already been suggested for these

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