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[Bug 20634] [XP 3.0] The XSD 1.1 type xs:error

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Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2013 14:20:17 +0000
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Ghislain Fourny <ghislain.fourny@28msec.com> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Ghislain Fourny <ghislain.fourny@28msec.com> ---
Here is a concrete proposal against the spec which officially allows xs:error
(only substantive changes are shown - notes can also be added at various places
in the specification to clarify some aspects).

XDM 3.0
2.7.2 Predefined Types
- Add xs:error to the list of additional types and to the list of types
superseded by XML Schema 1.1.
- "five additional types" -> make it six

- Add the following paragraph:
The datatype xs:error is a union type with no member types. Its base type is
xs:anySimpleType. It cannot exist as a dynamic type as its value space and
lexical space are empty.

XQuery 3.0

2.5.1 Predefined Schema Types

- Add to the list summarizing schema types specified in the XDM:
[Definition: xs:error is a simple type with no value space. It can be used in
the SequenceType syntax to raise errors.]

Add paragraph 2.5.7 xs:error

The type xs:error has an empty value space and it never appears as a dynamic
type or as the content type of a dynamic element or attribute type. It offers
an alternative way of raising errors, in addition to fn:error.

Cast to xs:error raises an error or returns the empty sequence.
Promotion to xs:error is not possible.
xs:error (as well as xs:error+) does not match any value, is a subtype of all
simple types, and a supertype only of itself.
xs:error? and xs:error* are identical to empty-sequence().
A variable binding with a type declaration xs:error always raises a type error.
Calling a function in the signature of which xs:error appears always raises a
type error.

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