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[Bug 19267] [XQ3.0] Context item declared in multiple modules

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Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:55:52 +0000
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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> 2012-10-04 14:55:52 UTC ---
A follow-up question.

Suppose a library module has

declare context item external;

and the main module has

declare context item := 23;

Now if no external context item is supplied, it is clear that the context item
in both modules should take the value 23. But what if an external context item
is supplied, say 87? The rules for "declare context item external" suggest that
the value should be 87, but the rules for "declare context item := 23" suggest
it should be 23. But it must (I hope) be the same everywhere. Logic dictates, I
think, that the value 23 wins; this reflects the interpretation that when we
say the value is "supplied by the external environment" we include the case
where it is supplied by the main module.

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