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[Bug 15399] [XP3.0] Conflict between EQName syntax and JSON

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Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2012 21:22:29 +0000
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--- Comment #8 from Jonathan Robie <jonathan.robie@gmail.com> 2012-01-31 21:22:29 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #7)
> The main disadvantage being it's another unknown unfamiliar syntax, rather than
> actually reusing the de-facto standard for expressing expanded QNames.

As opposed to being *almost* the same as an existing syntax, and having two
different ways to represent a URI literal in the same language ;->

Pure Clark notation won't parse in our grammar. We're going to have to modify
it somehow. We may as well do it in a way that leverages the existing design of
our language.

I also think my proposed syntax is clear about whitespace handling. Anyone who
knows XQuery knows what whitespace is in the URI for the following QName:

Q{ "http://example.com/gratia":lpart }

We can define the whitespace rules for the following syntax, but whatever
definition we choose, it's one more thing to learn:

Q{ http://example.com/gratia }lpart

Should the above constant be allowed? If so, what whitespace does the URI

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