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[Bug 19004] [FO30] format-integer tests expecting err:FODF1310

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Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2012 12:32:55 +0000
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--- Comment #13 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---

1. Add to the paragraph starting: "The value of $picture consists of ...", the
sentence "The primary format token is always present and MUST NOT be

1a. In the sentence "All mandatory-digit-signs within the format token must be
from the same digit family" make "must" an RFC2119 keyword.

2. Change the sentence "If the [$lang] argument is specified, the value should
be a string that is castable to the type xs:language." and the following
paragraph to use the same formulation as the corresponding argument of

The value of the argument should(*) be either the empty sequence or a value
that would be valid for the xml:lang attribute (see [XML]). Note that this
permits the identification of sublanguages based on country codes (from [ISO
3166-1]) as well as identification of dialects and of regions within a country.

If the $language argument is omitted or is set to an empty sequence, or if it
is set to an invalid value or a value that the implementation does not
recognize, then the processor uses the default language defined in the dynamic

(*) format-date() uses "must" here, but since supplying an invalid value is not
an error, "should" would be more appropriate.

3. Change the sentence "The format modifier, if present, is one or more of the
following, in order:" to:

The format modifier *must* be a string that matches the regular expression
^([co]\(.+`))?[at]?$. That is, if it is present then it must consist of one or
more of the following, in order:"

3a. Add before the "In some languages" paragraph:

"The string of characters between the parentheses, if present, is used to
select between other possible variations of cardinal or ordinal numbering
sequences. The interpretation of this string is implementation-defined. No
error occurs if the implementation does not define any interpretation for the
supplied string.

3b within the "In some languages" paragraph, change "preferred" to
"recommended" in RFC2119 styling.

4. In the errors section, clarify that FODF1310 is raised for any violation of
mandatory rules concerning the format picture.

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