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[Bug 7829] [SER] Serialization of minimized attributes.

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Date: Wed, 07 Oct 2009 17:31:44 +0000
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--- Comment #1 from Oliver Hallam <oliver@cbcl.co.uk>  2009-10-07 17:31:44 ---
It could also be that


is the desired result.

The strongest argument for this is that an implementation is free to test for
boolean attributes at any point during serialization; whereas if the value is
important then it must be handled before character replacement.

I suspect it is better to leave this difference implementation-dependant.

In this case I would still argue for the definition to be changed, but to
something more like the following:

The HTML output MUST output boolean attributes in minimized form.  A
boolean attribute is an attribute which is defined in the HTML 4.01 DTDs with
a single allowed value (disregarding case differences) that is equal to the
name of the attribute.

If the value of a boolean attribute is not equal to its name disregarding case
differences then an implementation MAY choose to treat it as a non-boolean

This allows for most flexibility in matching what implementations already do.

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