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[Bug 6677] bug in static typing checking for transform expression in XQUF

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Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2009 16:15:36 +0000
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--- Comment #1 from zhen hua liu <zhen.liu@oracle.com>  2009-03-10 16:15:35 ---
Andrew further notices the following bug in transform expression static typing
I may be seeing a different problem here. In section 2.4.5 Transform,  rule
1)c)i and ii,  we say:

i) For a copied element node, the type-name property is set to xs:untyped, and
the nilled, is-id, and is-idrefs properties are set to false.
ii) For a copied attribute node, the type-name property is set to
xs:untypedAtomic and the is-idrefs property is set to false. The is-id property
is set to true if the qualified name of the attribute node is xml:id; otherwise
it is set to false.

In the modify clause, we could infer a static type for each copy variable of 
something like element(*, xs:untyped), attribute(*, xs:untypedAtomic), or just
node()? As the copied nodes can be replaced in the modify clause, we should
infer only node()* for these variables in the return clause.

                                                -- Andrew

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