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[Bug 7935] [F&O] normalize-unicode on codepoints that are not characters.

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--- Comment #4 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2009-12-11 23:48:40 ---
At telcon 419 the following action was assigned:

ACTION A-419-03 Michael Kay (bug 7935) to propose a non-normative
clarification of normalize-unicode to explain the effect on unassigned
codepoints (viz, that the function is idempotent).

Proposed resolution (using the 2.0 baseline):

1. Update the reference to charmod to refer to the latest draft at
http://www.w3.org/TR/charmod-norm/ with a dated reference (because it is a
draft), and observe that this specification has not progressed beyond draft

2. For normalization forms NFC, NFD, NFCK and NFDK refer directly to
http://www.unicode.org/reports/tr15/tr15-25.html rather than to CharMod. Retain
the reference to CharMod only for FULLY-NORMALIZED.

3. Add the following statement: It is implementation-defined which version of
Unicode (and therefore, of the normalization algorithms and their underlying
data) is supported by the implementation. See [TR15] for details of the
stability policy regarding changes to the normalization rules in future
versions of Unicode. If the input string contains codepoints that are
unassigned in the relevant version of Unicode, or for which no normalization
rules are defined, the fn:normalize-unicode function leaves such codepoints
unchanged. If the implementation supports the requested normalization form then
it MUST be able to handle every input string without raising an error. 

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