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[Bug 7072] [F&O] Error codes for fn:collection

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com>  2009-08-27 21:23:56 ---
ACTION A-405-01

For fn:doc(), FODC0002 is really a bit of a fudge. The theory is that the
dynamic context defines a mapping from URIs to nodes; in that pure theory there
are no dereferencing or parsing operations, and therefore no scope for FODC0002
to occur. The existence of the error code reflects the pragmatic reality that
we all know fn:doc() will in actually do dereferencing and parsing, and these
operations may fail.

The bug report is asking for similar pragmatism for fn:collection(), which
seems reasonable. In action A-405-01 I was asked to produce wording to
implement this, and I think the most sensible thing to do is to use similar
wording to that of the fn:doc() function:

One possible processing model for this function is as follows. The collection
URI is dereferenced to yield a resource that provides a set of document URIs.
If this dereferencing operation fails, an error is raised [err:FODC0002]. The
set of document URIs is then mapped to a set of document nodes by applying the
fn:doc function. If this operation fails for any reason in respect of any URI,
the error code raised by the fn:doc function is propagated as an error result
from the fn:collection function. For example, a parsing or schema validation
error in any of the documents would result in error FODC0002 being raised.

The astute reader will notice that this anticipates the model assumed by the
proposed uri-collection() function. However, it's careful not to rule out other
processing models.

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