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[Bug 5308] [XSLT 2.0] Timezone Z in format-dateTime()

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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 17:41:45 +0000
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------- Comment #1 from alb.w3c@gmail.com  2008-03-13 17:41 -------
Problem statement:

We want to be able to specify that "Z" is to be used instead of
+00:00, but that any other time offset should be presented in its
numeric value.

Some observations on our current text:

a: "Z", instead of "+00:00" should be considered a "name" of a time zone
and thus, potentially,  obtainable by specifying "N" as preentation
modifier. However, all other time offsets would also be presented in
"name" form, e.g. EDT.

b: we can specify a min and max width of the result, but we do not
really say which is preferred, except that that in a "For example, "
that indicates that for names the maximum width should be used.
Thus using [Z,1-6] (width 1 -> "Z", width 6 -> +00:00) does not seem

c: using a specification of [Z,1-1] is also not appropriate as,
for values other than +00:00, it relies on the "last resort" of what
to do if the value does not fit in the width.

It thus seems better to introduce a new presentation modifier,
which needs to express the numeric/name preference AND which
numeric presentation form is to be used (e.g. the offset in Thai digits).
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