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[Bug 6223] [XQFTTS] cont.

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--- Comment #10 from Christian Gruen <christian.gruen@gmail.com>  2008-12-23 02:18:54 ---
Hi Jim,

> [12] By "too many results", do you mean "several results that differ only in
> the relative placement of the attributes"?  If so, then (a)eliminating
> namespaces won't make a difference and (b)I'm pretty sure (but haven't
> confirmed) that the XML comparison (compare="XML") "normalizes" the attributes
> to avoid this problem.  If you mean something else, I would be grateful for an
> explanation. 

Yes, sorry for that; XML comparison should solve these problems.

> Until you respond to my question in [12], I am not marking this bug report
> RESOLVED.  However, I believe that all other items have been resolved.

Just to get sure: I think that [16]-[18] and [20]-[22] are still to be handled.


Christian, BaseX Team 

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