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[Bug 6303] FT: TokenInfo and StringInclude definition

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--- Comment #1 from Michael Dyck <jmdyck@ibiblio.org>  2008-12-11 18:37:47 ---
[personal response:]

> 1. I am a bit confused with the definition of TokenInfo and StringInclude.
> ...
>  <xs:complexType name="stringMatch">
>    <xs:sequence>
>      <xs:element ref="fts:tokenInfo"/>
>    </xs:sequence>
>    ...
>  </xs:complexType>
> ...
> follows that StringMatch can contain a SEQUENCE of tokenInfo. So, we
> have one-to many relationship.

I think you are misreading the Schema definition. The construct
      <xs:element ref="fts:tokenInfo"/>
doesn't mean "a sequence of any number of tokenInfo elements", it means "a
sequence of exactly one tokenInfo element". To specify other than "exactly
one", we would use the 'minOccurs' and/or 'maxOccurs' attributes (of <sequence>
or <element>).

(By the way, if you have two independent comments, it's better to submit them
as separate Bugzilla issues.)

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