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[Bug 4441] [XQuery] 2.3.4 Optimization rules unclear?

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Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 04:16:47 +0000
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------- Comment #10 from hrennau@yahoo.de  2007-04-04 04:16 -------
(In reply to comment #8)


I am not the only developer who has to write queries which
a) are production-quality
b) are portable (across processors and versions)
c) must initialize, use and clean up the external environment, successively

These queries must be written now, not in a couple of years, and I think it is


The word “side-effects” deserves closer inspection. I discern two types:
-       type 1 concerns the interaction with the external environment
-       type 2 concerns the update of XDM instances and variable bindings

Type 1 is an inherent part of XQuery1.0, due to the feature of external
functions. Type 2 is not.

XQueryP creates and tackles type 2 (along with type 1). Exciting work, but
probably not yet standard for a while.

Type 1 is an inherent part of XQuery1.0. The specification allows external
functions, so I refuse to accept that it may discourage a basic pattern of
“init/main/exit”. Rather, it should support the developer who is obliged to
realize it, adding a note or two on how to enforce execution, and sequence of
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