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[Bug 1605] The inference engine is not specified (only the rule base it uses is)

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Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 23:46:17 +0000
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------- Additional Comments From simeon@us.ibm.com  2005-07-20 23:46 -------
As an addition:

we should have a 4. item which talks about non-determinism and errors.

  * An error is either raised when you reach a conclusion of the form 'Expr
raises Error' or when no conclusion can be reached.

  * In the cases several conclusions can be reached, the result is
non-deterministic. Note that this can only occur for the dynamic semantics, not
the static semantics.

For instance, consider the expression:

  true() or fn:error()

The inference rules can allow to infer both:

  dynEnv |- true() or fn:error() raises Error

as well as

  dynEnv |- true() or fn:error() => true()

and both results are acceptable for the query.

- Jerome
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