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[Bug 1250] [XQuery] the typed value of a document node

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Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2005 08:05:59 +0000
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------- Additional Comments From henryluo@vibrasoft.net  2005-04-20 08:05 -------
I'd like to rephrase here, and correct me if I'm wrong:
1. Schema type or data model for fn:doc or document {} are preserved as node 
tree, which is also used for path expression evaluation.
2. Typed value or atomized value is used, according to spec 2.4.2, for Function 
calls and returns. Does that mean when a $doc is passed into a function, it 
becomes concatenated string value? If that's the case, the node tree structure 
is lost, and what's the use of it in the function?

So i think, either the document should not be atomized when passed to a 
function and preserved as a complex type, or the typed value of document or 
complex typed element should be defined. 

Otherwise, how can a function receive a node tree as parameter, instead of just 
a sequence of atomic values?
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