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[News] QA Activity renewed

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2005 10:31:15 -0500
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Dear QAers, Evangelistas and Tools developers,

We (Lynne Rosenthal and I) are pleased to announce the renewal of the  
Quality Assurance Activity and the QA Interest Group until september  

The Quality Assurance Interest Group will be chaired by Lynne  
Rosenthal (NIST) and me, Karl Dubost (W3C). Participation is open to  
W3C Members and the public. I encourage you to read

* the new charter

* The QA IG and QA Home Page will be modified soon

* The QA WG has been closed.

***Everyone*** on the www-qa are welcome to participate. We (Lynne  
and I) will give you more information very soon.

# Mission of QA IG #

The main objective of the QA Interest Group (QA IG) to provide a  
venue for W3C, its Membership, and the Web community to share their  
experiences and involvement with QA. This includes in particular:

     * A round table for discussion of QA-related work at W3C (e.g.,  
publication of high-quality specifications, test development,  
     * A communication channel between W3C and external QA experts,
     * A communication channel for helping the developer community  
work more closely with W3C, and in particular, W3C groups.

# Scope #

As an Interest Group, the QA IG has no mandatory deliverables besides  
keeping their QA IG home page up-to-date and publishing timely  
minutes of their meetings. However, the QA IG may publish W3C  
Interest Group Notes to reflect QA IG discussions and/or maintenance  
of QA WG deliverables.

The scope of the QA IG work includes:

     * Maintenance of QA WG deliverables (erratas, evolution of W3C  
     * Education and outreach which includes:
           o Writing tutorials or helping groups to write them;
           o Sharing experience in the area of validation;
           o Sharing experience in areas of certification
     * Tool development, through discussions with the W3C Systems Team
     * W3C specification reviews. The QA IG will focus on First  
Public Working Drafts (the time to provide incentives for QA  
integration and to detect early issues), and at Last Call
     * Tracking QA developments outside W3C

## Criteria for success ##

QA IG is an active forum of discussion contributing to the production  
and maintenance of quality deliverables published previously by the  
QA Working Group and W3C in general.

     * Minutes of QA IG meetings and teleconferences
     * Publication every 6 months of a report giving an overview of  
what has been done in the QA IG in terms of discussions, published  

	WELCOME to the new QA IG

Karl Dubost - http://www.w3.org/People/karl/
W3C Conformance Manager
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