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Re: WSDL for W3C Validators

From: Karl Dubost <karl@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 14:51:34 -0500
Message-Id: <65B6BF58-4BD6-4F41-80FB-F598E0F7CE7A@w3.org>
Cc: Yves Lafon <ylafon@w3.org>
To: QA Dev <public-qa-dev@w3.org>

Le 05-11-08 à 03:37, olivier Thereaux a écrit :

> On Nov 2, 2005, at 7:25, Karl Dubost wrote:
>>> Any thought on the proposed plan to:
>>> - finish documenting the interface, the namespace, and publish  
>>> the WSDL;
>> What does it take to finish the documentation?
> You mean, other that time? :)

yes :)

> The things I think are really missing right now for the CSS  
> validator (which is the only one in production with a SOAP  
> interface), and by extension the things that will be necessary for  
> the others:
> * human readable documentation of the "API", should at least give  
> basic instructions on how to create a query (i.e list parameters  
> and values) and what to expect as a response (i.e document the  
> format, without necessarily document the whole schema at length,  
> the machine-readable version(s) will do that)

ok :)  This seems doable. I'm always happy to write doc and draw  
things if I have a source, that I can at least understand a bit.

> * a WSDL for the service. We have one based on the current WD of  
> wsdl2 (attached, validator_w2.wsdl), but given how most tools still  
> mostly grok version 1.1, we {also/at least} need one written with  
> that format. I recall Yves asked for help on this but I don't think  
> it has been done yet, so I've given it a try today (attached,  
> validator_w11.wsdl): it's well formed, validates etc, but I haven't  
> found a tool able to parse and use it yet (the otherwise rather  
> convenient oxygen does not seem to understand the soap1.2 binding,  
> unfortunately).

I wonder how much difficult is it to create a testing WSDL client/ 
server software for such services. I guess Yves could tell. It's  
typically small projects like that which could interests the Web  
community to start playing with it.

I have seen recently a Cocoa application for XML/RPC for example.

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