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Re: W3C Positive Work Environment Task Force -- updates

From: Ann Bassetti <ann.bassetti@yahoo.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2016 21:23:17 +0000 (UTC)
To: Amy van der Hiel <amy@w3.org>
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Thanks Amy. And particularly good that you sent this note, because I thought I had responded to Charles and Daniel a few days ago. But, due to internet problems at our house, I guess my note never went out.  Here's what I tried to send:
---------------------------------That's great news, Daniel and Chaals, that you are both willing to continue with the PWETF!
Good suggestion, Chaals, that we hold a session at TPAC about what would make W3C an AWEsome place to work. (I was thinking the same.) Not only do we want to hear about what to 'fix', but also what to add, modify, etc. I particularly like your point that we need to make it clear "...that this is about work environment and culture, *not* formal process and tools."
As for your question, Daniel, "...if we have a deadline to deliver something for TPAC end of September ?" -- No, I don't think we have a formal deliverable. But, it feels to me that we need to collectively decide what we want to deliver. 

Besides the idea (above) to hold a discussion session, I suggest we need a small communication informing / reminding people that the W3C has a Code of Conduct, that this Task Force exists, etc. Amy and I have discovered that most people don't know that. I'm not sure what the best form of that communication would be -- maybe we could suggest ideas. And I'm guessing Coralie has ideas.

I'm going to start a couple separate threads, to separate our discussions, hopefully making it easier to track.
I like your ideas, Amy, to 1) send a similar note to the entire AC; and 2) prepare some guidelines on meeting best practices. 

Questions on those ideas ...  

Coralie -- how do you want us to handle sending a note to the AC? Did you want to do any sort of intro, or announcement, or anything? Or shall Amy and I just send a note like the one below?
Amy -- do you have links to the meeting best practice references you mention? I'd be happy to have a little phone chat with you, if it'd be easier to coordinate via voice.

Thanks everyone!  -- Ann

    On Thursday, July 14, 2016 1:32 PM, Amy van der Hiel <amy@w3.org> wrote:

 HI Ann,

We have yeses, from Charles and Daniel. I propose we send the similar mail to the Members/AC and move forward.

One item that I know that we were talking about was a best practices document on meetings in time for the TPAC.  Coralie had already developed one for speakers as requested by Jeff, I know Judy Zhu had another page.  We did not find a meetings best practices page linked from the Guidebook and may wish to work toward that.


> On Jul 8, 2016, at 3:18 AM, Ann Bassetti <ann.bassetti@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings PWE Task Force members!
> Amy van der Hiel and I (as new co-chairs of this team) developed an outline of ideas for how to reinvigorate this Task Force, and move forward in our efforts to support the best possible W3C working environment. Outline of ideas: https://www.w3.org/wiki/PWE/201604_outline (Thanks Coralie Mercier and Jeff Jaffe for advanced reviews and feedback!) 
> Our first step is to contact you -- the existing participants -- asking you want to continue on this team. This note accomplishes that goal.
> Next step is to get your reactions to that outline. Do you agree? Have refinements? Additions or deletions?
> After we hear from you, and make any appropriate adjustments, there will be a general announcement to the membership, seeking additional participants. Then we'll collectively proceed from there.
> Many thanks to Daniel Dardailler and Coralie for co-leading us to this point. You've laid a strong foundation on which we can build.
> Looking forward to your feedback -- Ann (and Amy)
> Ann Bassetti
> ann.bassetti@yahoo.com
> 206.734.7675

Amy van der Hiel
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