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From: Thomas FRANCART <thomas.francart@mondeca.com>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 18:23:32 +0200
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Hello Group

My name is Thomas Francart, I have a software engineering background, I'm
the CTO of Mondeca [1], a software provider selling solutions to manage
enterprise referentials (ontologies, thesaurii, taxonomies, knowledge
bases...), compatible with OWL, SKOS and RDF.

What we do that relates with provenance :

We've been interested into tracking provenance in some specific projects and
in our software solution in general. This software includes an audit table
tracking "who did what when how", from which we generate an RDF export (in
our own grammar), and compute deltas between versions of the data, this
delta being published as RDF and as human-readable reports. We also
automatically acquire knowledge from text-mining tools, with which we need
to associate provenance to resolve ambiguities.

What are my interests in the group :

I think I can bring into the group some real-world requirements with
provenance, and at least 2 real-world use cases :
- biomedical : a system that tracks user modifications on the
microbiological taxonomy (for legal reasons), archive these records with
each version of the taxonomy, compute deltas from provenance records.
(dimensions : attribution, versioning, access, understanding,
- intelligence : a system that acquires knowledge from text-mining,
associates provenance with each piece of knowledge, especialy confidence
scores, and help user analyse and make decisions based on that. (dimensions
: attribution, process, justification, entailment, dissemination,
comparison, trust, imperfections)

We're also willing to do an early implementation of the PIL in our software.

I'm joining the group a little late due to administrative latency, so I'm
trying to catch up with the group activities right now. This is my first
participation to a W3C group, so I'm learning the tools too :-) And
unfortunately I can't make it to F2F1.


[1] : http://www.mondeca.com

*Thomas Francart*
*CTO** - Mondeca*
3, citÚ Nollez 75018 Paris France
Tel. +33 (0)1 44 92 35 04 - fax +33 (0)1 44 92 02 59
Web: www.mondeca.com
Blog : Lešons de choses <http://mondeca.wordpress.com>
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