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Re: oo.apple.com

From: Mark Lizar <info@smartspecies.com>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 14:30:29 +0100
Cc: ifette@google.com
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Ah yes, the idea of a notice standard I am proposing is similar.

Although, from what I understand,  P3P was designed to enable web site  
operators to express their data collection, use, sharing, and  
retention practices in a machine-readable format.

What I am referring to is the idea of a standard focused on a common  
location and format to increase accessibility of information for  
notices that are legally required to be as open as possible.  (from  
privacy policies, TOSA, AUP, to include even offline notices like  
public infrastructure signs, video surveillance signs, street signs,  

On 21 Apr 2011, at 14:07, Ian Fette (イアンフェッティ) wrote:

> How is that different from what P3P attempted?
> On Thu, Apr 21, 2011 at 5:51 AM, Mark Lizar <info@smartspecies.com>  
> wrote:
> These are good points.
> As well, all symptoms I believe of a lack of a simple standard in  
> notice.  Needed to  provide a common(universal) location and  
> structure for notices to be read, discovered and made accessible.
> As a result every Enterprise needs to push notices to people  
> limiting the ability for people to pull notice and manage notices on  
> aggregate.
>  We run into this issue with informed consent online.  Something I  
> view as a specific type of two-way (or bilateral) notice.  Right now  
> there are way too many notices.
> Consent notices (the primary online control tool)  causes friction  
> between enterprise and users causing high drop out rates online. One  
> approach where a notice standard could reduce the amount of notices  
> could be:   if a user could tag a consent notice (or opt iin/out)  
> with an identifier and link it for administration later.  The  
> development of notices for consent and especially informed consent  
> for management post consent provision would be a way to reduce  
> notices and increase their value.   Providing an increase in  
> usability of controls online.
> Maybe notices for control of information  need to be standardised so  
> that the number of notices can be reduced and the quality and  
> clarity of notice can be increased?
> On 21 Apr 2011, at 12:59, Malcolm Crompton wrote:
> All good points, but it misses a long running issue rapidly emerging  
> into
> prominence from the recent spate of industry offerings to consumers  
> to give
> them some control - the sum of all these different notices and  
> controls from
> lots of apps and platforms etc is overwhelming and does not come  
> together in
> a way that the ordinary user is going to understand or have time to  
> get
> across.  See the following URL for quite a good exposition of the  
> issues:
> http://abine.com/wordpress/http:/abine.com/wordpress/2011/choosing-internet-
> privacy-software-comparing-your-options/
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> On Thursday 21 April 2011 13:29:12 Mark Lizar wrote:
> What is required is an open standard for notices online so that
> signalling of tracking and other policies can always be discoverable,
> accessible technically.  An application (or in this case Apple Iphone)
> could then always link via a standard in notice to a common place and
> location for layered notices to  any one application, service,
> Enterprise and perhaps with some significant collaboration how they
> apply in context.
> This could be suggested to the DAP Working Group IMHO. Some kind of
> notification infrastructure is definitely needed whether we talk about
> informed consent (EU) or notice & choice (US).
> Best,
> Rigo
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