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Re: MAC addresses and privacy...

From: Mark Lizar <info@smartspecies.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2010 16:27:25 +0100
Cc: Rigo Wenning <rigo@w3.org>, public-privacy@w3.org
Message-Id: <0B5A1808-678C-4E2F-A41B-D28C76AF9E88@smartspecies.com>
To: Karl Dubost <karl+w3c@la-grange.net>
On 12 Oct 2010, at 10:05, Karl Dubost wrote:

> Le 11 oct. 2010 à 16:17, Rigo Wenning a écrit :
>> This only works for the EU where you have subject access requests.  
>> And those
>> are burdensome. We are techies here, right? What about a subject  
>> access API
>> for web services? I know a lot of privacy advocates would like to  
>> have such an
>> API.
> Reposting what I sent on October 4 on this list. The very simple  
> first step is
> Le 4 oct. 2010 à 19:40, Karl Dubost a écrit :
>> The next question is then, "can we opt-out?"
>> In SkyHook privacy policy [1], there is no information
>> to remove your device Ethernet address from their DB.
>> The FAQ [2] doesn't give more information either.
>> In Google Geolocation Privacy Policy [6] doesn't explain
>> how to opt out your MAC address.

Ah.. I think this is what inspired this my post in the first place!!!   
If there is no notice then there is no consent for MAC addresses to be  

>> Note that often the irony for opting out is that you have
>> to be identified.

This irony you mention I think is really interesting.

I took a look at Fair Information Practice in terms of MAC address  
storage and see this as double violation of the collection limitation  
principle.   First it is secret (e.g. un-announced) and second, it is  
the collection of more information than is necessary.

Kind Regards,

- Mark


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