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RE: Errors in POWDER Document

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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 13:11:39 +0100
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Hi Robert, all,

I'm not sure if this may be an omission on the ICRA site.

@to the POWDER group:
The original RDFS vocabulary [1] lists sz as 'No Sexual Content' - and
it is  mentioned in the human-readable text of the 2008 update [2].
However there is no 'sexual content' section at all (only nudity) in the
RDF binding [3]. Is that deliberate?

There is a footnote at [2] which may help explain:
"For developers: The new vocabulary will be introduced when we begin
implementing the Protocol for Web Description Resources (POWDER). The
namespace will be http://www.icra.org/rdfs/vocabulary2008. The
vocabulary is already available in RDF from that URI."


[1] http://www.icra.org/rdfs/vocabularyv03
[2] http://www.icra.org/vocabulary/2008/
[3] http://www.icra.org/rdfs/vocabulary2008.rdf

Thanks for your interest in POWDER and for taking the time to post.

<icra:sz> was originally used  

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There appears to be some kind of mistake in

The example uses an element named <icra:sz> which is not defined.  I am
looking in http://www.icra.org/rdfs/vocabulary2008 and that element
simply doesn't exist.
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