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Some test data

From: Phil Archer <parcher@icra.org>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 13:12:04 +0000
Message-ID: <4795EBA4.9080505@icra.org>
To: Public POWDER <public-powderwg@w3.org>
CC: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hpl.hp.com>, "Booth, David (HP Software - Boston)" <dbooth@hp.com>

Following on from my e-mails yesterday [1, 2], I wanted to create some 
test data that we can use to see whether XSLT is going to be able to do 
what it looks like we will need it to do and whether it makes (semantic) 

I have made some amendments to the files posted yesterday, principally 
to include things like dc:description but these are basically the same 
examples as in those e-mails. For each one there's an RDF/XML 
representation of the operational DR (DR-O), a graph of that, an XML 
representation of (what I hope is) the same data and a semantic DR 
(DR-S), again with a graph.

Jeremy - does this help to provide some test data?
David (B) - look right to you?
Kevin - if you can take your eyes of that Turkish belly for a minute, 
does it look like something XSLT can do? I fear we may be asking too much...


Example 1
"Everything on example.org is red and square"
DR-O in RDF/XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o1.rdf
DR-O as RDF Graph http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/servlet_63834.png
DR-O as XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o1.xml
DR-S as RDF/XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-s1.rdf
DR-S as Graph http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/servlet_63836.png

Example 2
"Everything on example.org is blue except the /foo section where 
everything is red"
DR-O in RDF/XML: http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o2.rdf
DR-O as RDF Graph http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/servlet_63838.png
DR-O as XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o2.xml
DR-O as XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o2a.xml (alternative 
- looks better to me)
DR-S as RDF/XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-s2.rdf
DR-S as Graph http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/servlet_63840.png

Example 3
"Everything on example.org is blue except the /foo section where 
everything is red"
"Everything on example.org is circular except the /bar section where 
everything is square"
DR-O in RDF/XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o3.rdf
DR-O as RDF Graph http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/servlet_63842.png
DR-O as XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o3.xml
DR-S as RDF/XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-s3.rdf
DR-S as Graph http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/servlet_63846.png

Example 4
"Some of the resources on example.org, like this one, are smooth"
"Some of the resources on example.org, like this one, are rough"
DR-O in RDF/XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o4.rdf
DR-O as RDF Graph http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/servlet_63852.png
DR-O as XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-o4.xml
DR-S as RDF/XML http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/dr-s4.rdf
DR-S as Graph http://www.fosi.org/projects/powder/servlet_63854.png

Phil Archer
Chief Technical Officer,
Family Online Safety Institute
w. http://www.fosi.org/people/philarcher/
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