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Re: help with dated entailments ... (for POWDER)

From: Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hpl.hp.com>
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 17:33:32 +0000
Message-ID: <478656EC.4050401@hpl.hp.com>
To: "Web Ontology Language ((OWL)) Working Group WG" <public-owl-wg@w3.org>
CC: public-powderwg@w3.org

A short peice for review, particularly the last sentence:


A description resource, ddd, a member of ICEXT(I(wdr:DR)) may be either 
date-valid, or date-invalid (but not both), depending on the current 
date (today!), as follows:

     * If <ddd,f> is in IEXT(I(wdr:validFrom)) and f is after the 
current date, then

ddd is date-invalid.

     * If <ddd,u> is in IEXT(I(wdr:validUntil)) and u is before the 
current date, then

ddd is date-invalid.

     * Otherwise ddd is date-valid.

Additional constraints apply to interpretations of date-valid 
description resources, that do not apply to interpretations of 
date-invalid description resources. This step is regarded as pragmatic, 
lying on the border of the formal semantics.

(elsewhere I will specify the additional constraints, essentially a 
subclass relationship)

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