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From: Giles Hogben <giles.hogben@jrc.it>
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 19:26:05 +0200
To: "'Rigo Wenning'" <rigo@w3.org>, "'Lorrie Cranor'" <lorrie@cs.cmu.edu>, "'Thomas Roessler'" <tlr@w3.org>, "'public-p3p-spec'" <public-p3p-spec@w3.org>
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Here are the new schema and transforms. Note that some alteration to the
spec draft will be necessary now that we have these.

The new schema is much simpler and more elegant. It also preserves the
semantics of the data structures using complexType names.
I've tested validation on the test elements on an online validator and it
works - it also gives no errors for the schema now.

Perhaps we should have another call once I've made the required changes to
the spec doc, to wrap this up.



The files are:

1. bdsfinal.xsd - the new XSD Schema (output of 5 and 6 and 10 transforming
2. policytransformP3PDataElements.xsl - the POLICY transform backwards and
forwards - note the caveat that elements contained must not already have
copies in P3P1.0 and P3P1.1 formats. This and 1. are the important ones for
the spec

**Next 2 files together are the base data SCHEMA P3P1.0 -> P3P1.1 new XSD
structure transforms. You must run both in the following sequence: 

5. testdataElements.xml - Test elements for the POLICY TRANSFORMS
6. testdataElements1.xml - Test elements for the SCHEMA to validate (note it
may be an idea to integrate it with the P3P policy schema so you can then
validate a whole policy and you don't have to pull out the node to validate)

7. basedataschema.xml - the original P3P base data schema

8. prettyprinter.xsl - just a pretty printer used to format the files

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