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[Minutes] 10 March 2004 P3P spec call

From: Jeffrey A Edelen <jeffrey.a.edelen@aexp.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 16:15:33 -0700
To: public-p3p-spec@w3.org
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Minutes of the 10 March 2004 P3P 1.1 spec wg call

Lorrie Cranor
Dave Stampley
Jack Humphrey
Jeff Edelen

Rigo Wenning
Giles Hogben

1. Agent and domain relationships

Jack described the intended usage of agent and domain
relationships.  It was acknowledged that the general
"ad server" agent relationship problem may be too complex
to solve at present, but a more simple proposal might be
able to effectively address some important scenarios,
including "same entity" relationships.

The need for reciprocation in known-hosts declarations was
also re-examined, with the result that nobody on the call
could provide an example requiring reciprocation.

ACTION: Jack to distribute a rough draft of a simplified
relationship proposal that provides non-reciprocal known-host
declarations using an HTTP header for compact policies and
a PRF element for non-compact policies.

2. Clarify what we mean by data linked to a cookie

The latest draft proposal
was well received, with only minor wording changes suggested and agreed

ACTION: Lorrie to make agreed upon changes and submit proposal.

3. Proposal to deprecate compact policies
and Lorrie's feedback from Microsoft meeting

Lorrie provided feedback from her meeting with Microsoft.
-MS opposes the deprecation of compact policies in P3P 1.1, largely
 because of performance implications due to IE's caching implementation.
-MS may be open to deprecation in a future version.
-MS is open to supporting a compact policy statement grouping mechanism
 as part of P3P 1.1, to mitigate problems with compact policy accuracy

ACTION: All to consider possibility of adding statement grouping to
compact policies representation

4. Primary purpose specification

The group briefly discussed Dave's primary purpose proposal, which sought
to address user needs without requiring the compilation of a comprehensive
list of primary purposes.

ACTION: Dave to follow up with Lorrie to further clarify goals.

5. Set date/time for next call (March 10?)

Next call: 17 March 2004, 11:00am EST

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