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From: Lorrie Cranor <lorrie@cs.cmu.edu>
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 23:28:41 -0500
Message-Id: <173BC153-674B-11D8-B296-000A95DA3F5A@cs.cmu.edu>
To: 'public-p3p-spec' <public-p3p-spec@w3.org>

Here is a redraft based on our discussion on the call. I think we're 
getting closer but may not be quite there yet... send me your 

The language I am proposing is intended to exclude the possibility that 
writing a piece of data to a log file that contains a cookie will make 
the data linked, unless the log file is later analyzed or processed so 
as to cause that data to be written to a cookie, retrieved from a data 
store, or added to (another) record, data structure, or file containing 
that data.

Anyway... here is my latest effort:

<p>A piece of data X is said to be <i>linked</i> to a cookie Y if at
least one of the following activities may take place as a result of
cookie Y being replayed, immediately upon cookie replay or at some
future time (perhaps as a result of retrospective analysis or
processing of server logs):</p>

<li>A cookie containing X is set or reset.</li>

<li>X is retrieved from a persistent data store or archival media.</li>

<li>Information identifiable with the user -- including but not
limited to data entered into forms, IP address, clickstream data, and
client events -- is added to a record, data structure, or file (other
than a log file) in which X is stored. </li>
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