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[Minutes] 23 February 2004 P3P spec call

From: Jeffrey A Edelen <jeffrey.a.edelen@aexp.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 11:09:21 -0700
To: public-p3p-spec@w3.org
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Minutes of the 23 February 2004 P3P 1.1 spec wg call

Lorrie Cranor
Dave Stampley
Brooks Dobbs
Rigo Wenning
Ari Schwartz
Patrick Hung
Giles Hogben
Jeff Edelen

1. Agent and domain relationships
(Jack please circulate new draft)

While no draft was available for review, there was considerable discussion
surrounding the need for a clear definition of an "ours relationship" as it
pertains to KNOWN-HOSTS.  Brooks suggested that it would be helpful if there
were a way to distinguish between a "same entity relationship" and an "agent
relationship" to allow user agents to make use of that distinction.

ACTION: Brooks to work with Jack on revised draft proposal which will be
distributed to the list.

2. Primary purpose specification
(Dave please circulate a draft)

No updates.

ACTION: Dave to meet with Jeff and Ari to prepare a draft for discussion.
Others interested in meeting on this topic, please contact Dave.

3. Clarify what we mean by data linked to a cookie

There is general consensus that the most current proposal by Lorrie is close.
Some questions remain as to the need to disclose "linkable" data as "linked"
when data are co-resident in a logfile but there is no intent to link.  Are
data effectively linked due to proximity in a logfile?

ACTION: Lorrie to update proposal to address the issue.

4. Proposal to deprecate compact policies

Considerable support for this proposal has been expressed within the group.
Those with concerns are urged to actively participate in the discussion,
allowing the group to understand their concerns.

5. P3P Generic attribute for XML applications

Discussion deferred due to time constraints.

6. Set date/time for next call

Next call: 1 March 2004, 11:00am EST

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