1.1.1 Goals and Capabilities of P3P 1.1

P3P version 1.0 is a protocol designed to inform Web users about the data-collection practices of Web sites. It provides a way for a Web site to encode its data-collection and data-use practices in a machine-readable XML format known as a P3P policy. The P3P specification defines:

The goal of P3P is twofold. First, it allows Web sites to present their data-collection practices in a standardized, machine-readable, easy-to-locate manner. Second, it enables Web users to understand what data will be collected by sites they visit, how that data will be used, and what data/uses they may "opt-out" of or "opt-in" to.

A number of changes were made in P3P version 1.1. These are enumerated in the changelog at the end of this document. The most significant changes are summarized here:


Add the following to the end of 1.1.7 Backwards Compatibility:

Note, P3P 1.1 data schemas cannot be read by P3P 1.0 user agents. This only impacts P3P 1.0 user agents that download and parse data schemas, and only when they access P3P 1.1 web sites that make use of data schemas beyond the P3P base data schema.