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Re: [BH] First (Very Rought) Outline of Beyond HTTP

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 14 May 2003 11:45:14 -0400
To: Patrick.Hung@csiro.au, public-p3p-spec@w3.org
Message-Id: <200305141145.14407.reagle@w3.org>

On Wednesday 14 May 2003 07:26, Patrick.Hung@csiro.au wrote:
> I just try to make it simple and follow the style of your XForm example
> [1].
> There may have other much better approach... I have to think about it...
> Any idea?

No, I simply find WSDL confusing and I'm rather ignorant of it. 

> Is this something that you are looking for [1]:

Cool, that's a good schema for the data instance sent via XForms -- and that 
can be included in the WSDL *instance's* wsdl:types. My question is about 
the WSDL itself. Does WSDL generically allow you to place any old element 
from a foreign namespace in it's instance? (I don't think so.) If it does 
permit this, does it require you to first provide a schema to validate the 
augmented instance? I think so because of this in the WSDL schema:

  <xs:complexType name="Definitions" mixed="false">
			  Any top-level, optional element is allowed to appear more
			  than once - Any extensibility element is allowed in any place.
			  Such extensibility elements must be in the substitution group of
			  globalExt or postTypes

I'm looking at [a], and think we need something like:

    <xsd:element name="my:Privacy"
         <xsd:attribute name="rel"  type="xsd:string" use="required"/>
         <xsd:attribute name="href" type="xsd:anyURI" use="required"/>

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