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Re: BDS in XML Schema

From: Lorrie Cranor <lorrie@research.att.com>
Date: Sun, 4 May 2003 22:28:22 -0400
To: public-p3p-spec@w3.org
Message-Id: <3DFED3D4-7EA1-11D7-921D-000393DC889A@research.att.com>

On Friday, May 2, 2003, at 05:36  AM, Giles Hogben wrote:

> I attach an xslt for converting policies expressed in XSD format back 
> to the
> old format. It is quite short actually. The one which would be almost
> impossible to do would be converting new schemas back to old schema 
> format.
> But having thought this one over, I came to the conclusion that no-one 
> would
> want to do such a thing. If they have written a schema in the new 
> format,
> nobody will need it in the old format since that was pretty much 
> useless in
> any case. Am I right?

Now I am confusing the different formats... what is the difference 
between "old format" and "old schema format" ?

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