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Action 309: Review of QR document

From: Bernardo Cuenca Grau <Bernardo.Cuenca.Grau@comlab.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 14:50:29 +0000
Message-ID: <49BFB8B5.5050809@comlab.ox.ac.uk>
To: OWL Working Group WG <public-owl-wg@w3.org>
Below, my review of the QR document.



Please take care of the following remarks:

- I do not quite understand the beginning of Section 2.1 (bullet `OWL 
Classes'). The format seems also
slightly broken (why use a bullet for `OWL Classes'?).

- Indicate clearly what kind of information is included in each column 
of each table.
In general, I think it would be a good idea to add headers to the 
columns of the tables to clearly
indicate what they represent.

- There are various links missing in the tables (for example the link to 
`existential' on the first
column of Section 2.1.2).

- There is a recurring typo in the last column of the tables (RDF 
serialization). When saying `if D presents', it should
say either `if D present', or `if D is present' (the latter being better 
because it is consistent with
`if D is missing' used throughout the document.

- I do not think it is a good idea to use a question mark (?) for 
references to the New Features and Rationale document.
It is slightly misleading.

- Please double-check the links to the primer on the first column of the 
tables, because some of them
are pointing to the beginning of the document and not to the appropriate 
section. Same happens with some of the links to the
Syntax document.

- The summary of global conditions in Section 3 seems to be incomplete.
For example, there are global restrictions on datatypes that are missing.
Please, make sure that the document is in sync. with the Syntax document.

- There is a mismatch between Section Section 2.3.1 and the beginning of 
Section 2.1. The table in
Section 2.3.1 has 4 columns, whereas the table in Section 2.1 has only 
two. They are containing
different types of information.

- There is no link to the Syntax document in Section 4.2

- Section 4.1 on Built-in datatypes does not seem to be up to date. For 
example, in the section of `time instants' the
syntax document only mentions xsd:dateTimeStamp. Please, double-check 
the whole section to make sure that all the information
is in sync. with the syntax document.
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