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Another OWL 2 reasoner from DERI

From: Antoine Zimmermann <antoine.zimmermann@deri.org>
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 17:08:23 +0100
Message-ID: <4A7073F7.1000206@deri.org>
To: 'W3C OWL Working Group' <public-owl-wg@w3.org>
CC: lukacsy <gergely.lukacsy@deri.org>
Dear all,

Gergely Lukáczy, postdoctoral researcher in DERI, is aiming to develop 
an OWL 2 DL reasoner called Dlog++. Here is a short description of the 
project (it's only starting, so don't expect anything by the 5th of 
August). If you have questions, you can ask him directly through his 
email address in Cc.

"The aim of the DLog++ project is to develop a scalable Description
Logic ABox Reasoner for the SROIQ language.

DLog++ will use many ideas from the DLog system described in detail in
[1] (online permalink: http://journals.cambridge.org/repo_A59yjwjF).

Particularly, DLog performs query-driven execution whereby the
terminological part of the description logic knowledge base is
converted into a Logic Program using a specialisation of the PTTP
Theorem Proving approach and the assertional facts are accessed
dynamically from a database. The problem of instance retrieval is
reduced to a series of instance checks over a set of individuals
(superset) containing all solutions for the query.

Scalability will be ensured by the architecture of the DLog++ system:
(1) the instances in the superset are independently checked in
parallel and (2) a specific instance check is executed in parallel
by specialising well-established techniques from Logic
Programming. For efficiency reasons, DLog++ uses a specialised
abstract machine rather than relying on the more generic WAM execution

[1] @article{lgszptplp2009,
  Author = {Gergely Luk{\'a}csy and P{\'e}ter Szeredi},
  Title = {Efficient Description Logic Reasoning in {Prolog}: the {DLog} 
  Institution = {Cambridge University Press},
  Journal = {Theory and Practice of Logic Programming},
  Month = {May},
  Number = {03},
  Pages = {343-414},
  Volume = {09},
  Year = {2009}

Antoine Zimmermann
Post-doctoral researcher at:
Digital Enterprise Research Institute
National University of Ireland, Galway
IDA Business Park
Lower Dangan
Galway, Ireland
Received on Wednesday, 29 July 2009 16:09:11 UTC

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