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OWL 2 LC Comments

From: Zhe Wu <alan.wu@oracle.com>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 11:55:31 -0500
Message-ID: <4978A503.9000508@oracle.com>
To: Z Wu <alanzwu@yahoo.com>, OWL Working Group WG <public-owl-wg@w3.org>


I have collected the following comments from my colleagues in Oracle.

The overall feeling is very positive.  Documents are very well written 
and high quality. OWL 2 is more understandable
than OWL 1 to software engineers because the RL/RDF rule set clearly 
shows a good portion of the OWL 2 semantics.

1. very minor printing issues
- OWL 2 Profiles printout (using Firefox) has a weird "span" code in 
Section 6.3
   DataIntersectionOf := 'IntersectionOf' '(' <span 

2. very minor typo
    RDF mapping document has a typo in Section 2.2. s/auhtor/author/.

3. Table 2 in Section 4.1 of OWL 2 Profiles is inconsistent with Section 
4.2.3. Table 2 omits
    a few constructs.

4. We want to see owl:rational taken out from OWL 2 RL. It is unclear 
how useful this datatype
    is to our users.

5. In the RDF mapping document, is it possible to keep OWL 2 vocabulary 
a bit smaller by replacing
    owl:minQualifiedCardinality with the existing owl:minCardinality?
    Same idea applies to owl:qualifiedCardinality, 
    After all, owl:onClass is there to differentiate the qualified vs. 
non-qualified case.

6. In Section 2.2 of RDF mapping document, are we missing a translation?
    It is unclear how the second example in 2.2 is translated into triples.
    The AnnotationAssertion in Table 1 has three parameters and that 
example has only two parameters
    for AnnotationAssertion.

7. For the RL/RDF rule set, it is useful to mention that it is not a 
minimal set. Some rules are redundant.
    Also, it will be useful to add rules like
    ?p1  subPropertyOf  ?p2  and     ?p2  subPropertyOf  ?p1  ==> ?p1 
equivalentProperty  ?p2
     (same thing applies to subClassOf)

8.  The justification for the [un]supported datatypes is not complete. 
For example, OWL 2 RL does not
     allow xsd:positiveInteger which does not appear to violate the 
stated justification
     "the intersection of  the value spaces of any set of these 
datatypes is either empty or infinite"


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