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Agenda TC 08/04/2009

From: Héctor Pérez-Urbina <hector.perez-urbina@comlab.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 2009 17:36:10 +0100
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To: "OWL 1.1" <public-owl-wg@w3.org>

This is a preliminary version of this week's teleconference:

   1.  Admin
          * Roll call
          * Agenda amendments?
          * PROPOSED: Accept Previous Minutes (1 April)
          * Action items status
                o Pending Review Actions
                            # Action 319 Review Profiles / Achille Fokoue
                            # Action 315 Review RDF mapping / Michael Schneider
                            # Action 314 Review direct semantics /
Michael Schneider
                            # Action 324 Follow up comment ML2 45 to
suggest making a W3C member submission / Alan Ruttenberg
                            # Action 311 Review SS&FS by 1 April /
Bernardo Cuenca Grau
                o Due and overdue Actions
                            # Action 299 Find and fix the
to-wiki-links Jeremy complains about / Sandro Hawke
                            # Action 321 Review NF&R (perhaps after
some editing) / Elisa Kendall
          * PROPOSED: WG will send short CR comment to HTML WG of the
form "we looked at your spec but came to the conclusion that it did
not meet our requirements"
          * PROPOSED: WG will send LC comment to POWDER WG as per Ivan's draft
   2. Documents and Reviewing
          * Primer now ready for review -- thanks to Markus, Pascal & Sebastian
          * Outstanding reviews and/or responses?
          * Publication Schedule (see Timeline)
                o Specification documents will be published on April
15th as Last Call Drafts
                      + PROPOSED: SS&FS, Mapping to RDF, Direct
Semantics, RDF-Based Semantics, Conformance & Test Cases, Profiles and
XML Serialization are ready for publication as Last Call Working
Drafts (modulo outstanding review discussions).
                o User Facing Documents (Overview, NF&R, QRG and
Primer) will be published on April 15th as Ordinary Working Drafts
                      + PROPOSED: Document Overview, NF&R, QRG and
Primer are ready for publication as OWD (modulo outstanding review
                      + UFDs will go to Last Call when core spec goes
to CR (scheduled for 1st June)
                o Candidate WG Notes will be published on April 15th
as Ordinary Working Drafts
                      + PROPOSED: Manchester Syntax and Data Range
Extension are ready for publication as OWD
   3. (Technical) Issues Arising
          * RDF-Based Semantics and n-ary dataranges (see Michael's email)
          * owl:versionInfo (see Uli's email and thread)
                o PROPOSED: owl:versionIRI will be used to store the
version IRI
          * negative class and property assertions: should they be
supported in OWL RL? (see Jos de Bruijn's LC comment and Achille's
review of Profiles)
                o PROPOSED: negative class and property assertions
will be added to the OWL 2 RL profile
          * owl:real -- do we still want/need it?
          * Figure 2 in Overview -- to be or not to be?
                o PROPOSED: Overview will/will not include the Venn
Diagram (Figure 2)
   4. Test Cases
          * Problems with approved test cases?
          * Progress on tool support, e.g., for "species validation"?
          * How to organize related tests - e.g. same input but
different results for DL versus Full/RL (e.g. punning/sameas)
          * PROPOSED: Approve some/all of the test cases currently in
the test queue
   5. Features "At-Risk" (just a reminder)
          * owl:rational support
          * rdf:XMLLiteral support
   6. Additional other business


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