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Re: ISSUE-108: Names for Profiles

From: Rinke Hoekstra <hoekstra@uva.nl>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 09:59:37 +0200
Cc: Bijan Parsia <bparsia@cs.man.ac.uk>, Ian Horrocks <ian.horrocks@comlab.ox.ac.uk>, Jeremy Carroll <jjc@hpl.hp.com>, OWL Working Group WG <public-owl-wg@w3.org>
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To: Ivan Herman <ivan@w3.org>

Shouldn't we have the '2' in these names as well?

>> OWL RDL (for relational DL)

Find the R confusing as any R triggers a 'Rule' flag in my brain.  
Perhaps DB is better. DDL? (data description logic)

>> OWL EDL (for EL++ DL)

Don't really know what EL stands for either (to be honest), I'd guess  
the 'E' is for existential? If we want the names to be acronyms of a  
descriptive name, perhaps CDL (concept/class description logic) or TDL  
(term DL). On the other hand, the use of EL is rather widespread  

Should the 'descriptive name' be about the kind of reasoning a profile  
is optimised for (data vs. terms), or about the most distinguishing  
language feature? (relations vs. existential restrictions)

>> OWL DLP (for description logic programs)

What would the corresponding name for OWL-R Full be? OWL FLP (OWL  
Flop? hmmm, perhaps not so good ;))


> Actually, these are not bad at all...
> Can someone solve a mystery for me? Where does the 'EL++'  
> terminology come from? I can relate, technically, both to RDL and  
> DLP, but not to that EDL because of that (I am not knowledgable of  
> Description Logic...)
> Ivan
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