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RE: ACTION-93 / ISSUE-63: Initiated work on OWL-1.1-Full semantics

From: Michael Schneider <schneid@fzi.de>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 11:05:26 +0200
Message-ID: <0EF30CAA69519C4CB91D01481AEA06A08BDB14@judith.fzi.de>
To: "Jeremy Carroll" <jjc@hpl.hp.com>
Cc: <public-owl-wg@w3.org>, "Alan Ruttenberg" <alanruttenberg@gmail.com>
[related to ISSUE-121 ... sorry, Alan, but this mail should have been
written *before* your request to not discuss raised issues, I simply
overlooked Jeremy's mail! ;-)]

Jeremy Carroll wrote:

>Michael Schneider wrote:
>> The WG will have to decide whether we want to have such an "RDF style"
>> OWL-DL clone or not in OWL 2. I cannot see a demand in the charter for
>> a language. And I do not remember that there was any advocacy in the
>WG or
>> by someone else in favor for it (although I remember that there was
>once a
>> mail from a HP employee bringing this language into play).
>At a guess that was from David Turner, who was working for me

No, it was by one of the many other Davids at HP! :)


>Thus I feel free to remove any implicit HP support for
>this language (OWL-DL, RDFS compatible). If it is helpful to have it
>then so be it, if it is unhelpful then let's not.


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