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ISSUE-28 (multiple facets): REPORTED: Multiple facet restrictions per data range

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Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 07:25:09 +0000 (GMT)
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ISSUE-28 (multiple facets): REPORTED: Multiple facet restrictions per data range


Raised by: Bijan Parsia
On product: 

Reported by bparsia, Mar 29, 2007


The current OWL 1.1 specification only allows one facet restriction per data range. This makes it 
cumbersome (and unintuitive) to specify ranges such as integer between 30 and 50. t should be 
possible to specify multiple facet restrictions for a data range

Comment 1 by bparsia, Mar 29, 2007

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Comment 2 by pfpschneider, Oct 11, 2007

The lack of multiple facet restrictions is in line with the move from the frame-like
syntax.  If you want to allow DatatypeRestriction(xsd:integer minInclusive 30
maxInclusive 50) in addition to DatatypeRestriction(DatatypeRestriction(xsd:integer
minInclusive 30) maxInclusive 50) then you should also probably argue for
Restriction(foo minCardinality(30) maxCardinality(50)) in addition or instead of
ObjectIntersectionOf(ObjectMinCardinality(foo 30) ObjectMaxCardinality(foo 50))
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